5°N RFF 2014

I was at Reykjavík Fashion Festival today at Harpa, the first show started around 11:00 am and the last show started a little after 18:00 pm so it was a whole day event and what a day!

As an employee at Eskimo Models I have been working a little to prepare this day so I was exited, all though my work was so little compared to what a lot of people have been doing for the past weeks and months to prepare, but I was exited to see our models. 

This is my first time on RFF and I had a lovely time. There were 8 shows and very talented Designers. The first show was Farmers Market, I really liked their show, the clothes were beautiful and the models amazingly good looking and walked so well (a little slow but I kind of secretly liked that). I loved the ending where they all came together and stood at the end of the runway almost like posing for a family photo.

Ziska was next, I really like the prints in Ziskas show and the edge and I really liked the strong models, it was really good. Then there was Magnea, I really liked the light show, it was very funky and fun.

Ella was last before lunch and wow that was a show, loved the beginning when five models came out all together with a very strong walk and the smoke in the background it was amazing. And the clothes where beautiful. 

First after lunch was Rey, that was one of my favourite, the clothes where so lovely and beautiful and the models looked so good, amazing show.

Then there was Sigga Maija, In her show was this one jacket I really liked, it was a leather and fur jacket, it look cool, I would like to try it out. After that came Cintamani, I was kind of surprised by there show the stylising that Anna Clausen did was very good and the show was good. 

Last came JÖR by Guðmundur Jörundsson, everyone was waiting for this and it was by far the show that most people attended, the atmosphere was energetic and the music consumed you, the clothes where fantastic and the models where awesome. A great show.

All in all it was a great day of fashion, great shows, great companions, good whether, good wine. I had a lovely day. Thanks everyone.