Dínamíska Dúóið

This last Sunday I photographed two girls I really like, they are a part of an Icelandic band named Reykjavíkurdætur, it's an all girl rap band, here is a video of there first song if you are interested in taking a look. All of the girls are so talented and so fun to watch but I really wanted to get to know these two, so I asked them if they would like to come for a photo shoot with me and luckily they said yes.

The two girls I photographed are Ásthildur and Þórdís and they are both really nice and have really cool and interesting styles.

My friend Ástrós once again helped me with make up and styling, I always come to her first if I am doing a photo shoot, she helps me so much and makes my pictures look better every time.

When the three girls came to my house I could hardly see my furniture because my living room was filled with clothes and we had a lot to go through before we went downtown to shoot, but it was fun as always picking out the outfits and it was only hard because we had so much to choose from and we really where not sure if we could limit them to just a few outfits...

but we did and went to downtown Reykjavík to shoot. I had a few places picked out already so everything was great and we had a lot of fun together and ended at the ice-cream shop.

Here are the pictures.